IHD Yearbook 2023

2023 is coming towards its conclusion and we are really excited to announce that the Yearbook for 2023 is ready. This yearbook captures all the adventures and memorable journeys that our residents encountered throughout the year. This is a perfect chance to reminisce the delightful experiences and magical escapades enjoyed by the residents all around the year.

This book would take you through the hustle and bustle of Orientation week, laughs and smiles of Games and Food nights at IHD and also through friendly competition at various sports events.

This book showcases how residents were able to participate in different cultural and religious events, such as Australia Day and Chinese new year, which shows the diversity and inclusivity of IHD and is the soul of our residential community. 

Residents also enjoyed numerous outdoor events such as trips to Litchfield, camping in Katherine, water sliding in Leanyer Waterpark, all of them documented in the book. 

We furthermore explore the journey of our 4 Long term residents Grace Evelyn, Dusan Hajduk, Wendy Wu and Robin Alexander Eriksson who all come from different parts of the world and share a snippet of their story at IHD. 

Lastly, we have also logged the Journey of Building 16 through the lens of Tracy our resident leader, whereby she narrates her 4 favorite memories as a Resident leader which she shared with fellow building members. We also bring you success stories of our previous resident Don, who describes the role IHD played in shaping his life in Darwin

We hope you enjoy our Yearbook as much as we enjoyed putting it together and we look forward to another exciting year at IHD in 2024.  

The yearbook is available for download here:ihd-yearbook-2023 (Final)