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Welcome to International House Darwin 

IHD is a way of life. People come together to learn within community. Their relationships and daily interaction shape not just studies and careers but personal journeys and futures. 

Life at IHD centres on connection and cooperation. We don’t just exist alongside one another. Our academic and pastoral support links with what’s fun as you develop your skills and enjoy new experiences. What better way to find out for yourself than to apply for your future, today!

A place to feel at home

Right on campus, IHD couldn’t be better situated. It’s seconds from the University and your classes, yet only minutes from the beach and Darwin’s busiest shopping centre. Everything you need is on your doorstep.



Coming from the fast-paced city of Mumbai in India, Nicole was longing f

A Community ready to welcome you

Living on campus with other students affords you the fullest of university experiences. At IHD you’ll gain a new perspective on life. Get involved and start living!


Read Srijana's full transcript here.

Getting the Grades

Living on campus means having easy access to the University's study support options...View more

House on the go!

Events at IHD like Bollywood and African Night are a great way to meet and greet others...View More

Pyramid of Support

At some time or other we all need advice or support. At IHD peers, resident leaders and staff...View More

Affordable rooms and rates

Choose your ideal abode from one of our 360 fully-furnished bedrooms spread throughout multi-level buildings. Unpack your bags, set things up as you prefer, feel your space becoming home. Browse our student rooms below.

Standard Room

The choice of many long-term and short-term students.

$185.00 pw
Standard Room - Apartment

Double-storey apartment blocks ideal for long or short-term placement students. 

$205.00 pw
Medium Room - Apartment

Double-storey apartment blocks ideal for long-term students.

$220.00 pw
Medium Room with Ensuite - Apartment

Double-storey apartment blocks ideal for long-term students or couples...

Please note that in a cyclone emergency, this ensuite bathroom will be needed to help cater for the number of people sheltering in the downstairs apartments. Residents of these rooms accept this room type knowing that they are required to open their room for the greater need of all residents during a cyclone emergency situation, should one arise.

$240.00 pw
Large Room

Located in a multi-level block. This is a large single room in a multi-level building and fitted with a double bed. You have access to the building’s communal bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, laundry and lounge facilities including television. Communal areas are cleaned and maintained by staff. 

$215.00 pw
Large Room - Apartment

Double-storey apartment blocks ideal for long-term singles or couples.

$235.00 pw
Large Room with Ensuite

Convenience plus, located in a multi-level block.

$240.00 pw