Resident story: Peter’s journey with IHD

Cong Do Le, known as Peter, comes from a supportive and caring community in Vietnam. This growing up environment influenced his choice of Darwin for its similarly welcoming atmosphere. When he joined IHD, he immediately felt at home, thanks to the friendly staff and nice residents.

“Living at IHD offers a convenient, secure, and vibrant community experience that enhances my university life through easy access to classes, friendly staff, and plentiful social opportunities.”

Get involved in activities

Peter is currently studying for a Master of Data Science at CDU. Alongside his studies, he has been actively involved in various activities, including volunteering at the Lions International Club, participating as a Study NT Ambassador, and more. One of his accomplishments includes winning the NT Achiever Award – International Student Award. Through these experiences, he has gained valuable skills and insights which have contributed to his personal and professional growth.

Get yourself into events and interact with other residents. This will help expand your network and may lead to a potential opportunity for work or volunteering.”

Get life-long friends

Living at IHD provides exposure to a multicultural community with residents from all over the world. Peter strongly encourages residents to expand their networks by joining different events, where you can network with other residents. During his stay, he feels well supported by the staff, resident leaders, and fellow residents at IHD, reminding him of his supportive community back home in Vietnam. He now considers IHD his second home.

Advice from Peter 

Peter believes that everyone will benefit from the experience and the vibrant community life at IHD.

“Becoming a Resident Leader is a great opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills.

Be friendly with others and help people in need, if everyone does that, our community will be stronger than ever, which makes an ideal environment to live in.