Resident Leader spotlight | meet Savin

Savin is part of International House Darwin’s (IHD) Resident Leader (RL) team.

This is his first semester being an RL and you’ll often find him hosting the cultural events. He initially applied for the role because he wanted to become a mentor to other residents within the IHD community.  

Savin is originally from Sri Lanka and is studying a Master’s in in Professional Accounting at Charles Darwin University.

IHD is a place to feel connected!

Savin says attending the events at IHD is a great way for residents to bond with others.

“New residents can have more exposure to student life when they are living in IHD compared to living in other places. Many residents of IHD are international students, they get homesick just after a few weeks coming to Darwin. When they are at the IHD they can easily forget their problems and move on with other people.”

The beach is your backyard

One of Savin’s favourite places to visit is Casuarina Beach. He says walking along beach is a great way to relieve any stresses of the day.

Darwin is diverse cultural melting pot

When reflecting on the differences between Darwin and Sri Lanka, Savin notes that Darwin is a diverse and vibrant place to live.

“My home city is bigger than Darwin and it is more populated than Darwin. It has more traffic than Darwin. There is more cultural diversity in Darwin than my home country.”

“From the outside someone can think that Australian culture is the western culture but from inside it is not the truth. Australia is a multicultural country and Australian culture is made from different cultures all around the world.”

“Living in Darwin, feels like living all around the world at once.”