Call out for IHD’s Community Cookbook

Illustrations of vegetables

We’re incredibly lucky to have residents from over 40 different cultural backgrounds living at IHD so now we’re calling all cooks at IHD to share your recipes and contribute to IHD’s Community Cookbook. Whether it’s a nostalgic bit of comfort food from your home country, a cheap and easy snack, an old family favourite or you’ve invented something new – we want to hear from you! 

Nothing brings a community together quite like a shared meal

We’ll be looking for a broad range of recipes with dishes that can be made in a small kitchen with limited equipment and, recipes that are nourishing, delicious and affordable. It’s tough (but not impossible!) to meet this criteria so don’t count yourself out if your recipe requires something a little extra. Similarly, nothing is too simple to be included. If you have the recipe for the ultimate toasted sandwich, we want to know about it too! 

We’ll be picking some of our favourite recipes to share on our website and in a printed publication. 

Please submit your recipe to Carla and Natalie using the form below. Submissions have been extended till Friday 16 June. Selected recipe contributors will be notified in June 2023.

Tips on photographing food:

  • Use natural lighting where possible. Artificial light may cause shadows, flickering and unwanted effects. Capture food images near a window on an overcast day for soft and diffused lighting.
  • Remove clutter to focus on your food. Have a clean, neutral background or zoom in to keep it simple. 
  • Add a human element. Whether it’s someone’s hand mixing in a bowl or picking up food with a fork, adding a human component can make it feel more ‘real’ and less staged.
  • Consider colour and contrast. Plate different coloured foods together and, if you have a dark background, considered a light-coloured plate. 
  • Avoid using filters to edit photos.
  • Try different angles. Photograph at table level, from above or even at a bird’s eye view.
  • Need a tripod? Email us to borrow one!

Submit your recipe:

Please use exact measurements i.e. 1 tsp, 1 cup etc.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
Tell us about any extra information you would like to add i.e. substitutions for ingredients.
1) By submitting recipe(s) and photo(s), you agree that, while you retain ownership of your content, you grant International House Darwin (IHD) a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, gratis, royalty-free license to publish your content in whole or in part in any media or format.
2) By submitting your recipe(s) and photo(s) you are confirming that that you have the right to grant IHD permission to this content and general consent of individuals in the photo was obtained when their photo was taken by you.
3) IHD reserves the right to make modifications to titles and recipes instructions for clarity and grammar.
4) By submitting recipe(s) and photo(s), you consent that they have read and understood the terms and conditions, and release the IHD from all liability in connection with the production of photo(s) and recipe(s).

Interested in helping to put this cookbook together? We need videographers, photographers, recipe reviewers and taste testers. Get in touch with us via

 Any questions? Email us at We look forward to reading and making your recipes.