Get to know your Resident Engagement Officer: Kat Dittmer

Meet Kat Dittmer, she’s International House Darwin’s newest Resident Engagement Officer. Kat oversees organizing events hosted by IHD throughout the year. This includes things like camping trips, bike rides to the jetty and potluck dinners.

Kat is no stranger to the IHD family – she was a resident and lived at IHD from 2013 till 2015 and was also a Resident Leader in 2014 and 2015.

We sat down with Kat to find out a bit more about her and how she’s going to approach her job.  

Name: Kat

Position: Resident Engagement Officer

What is your role at IHD? Implementing programs that help fostering a sense of belonging and community spirit.

What events are you excited to plan now you are in the role?  I’m an outdoorsy person. I’m really excited about planning off-campus events, so students can get to know the beautiful Territory.

What’s a fun fact about you?  IHD and I are the same age

Do you have a hidden talent? I’m talentless , but I do have some hobbies and things I like. I play soccer, enjoy gardening and cooking and love camping and 4-wheel driving.

If you’d like to get in contact with Kat, you can contact her via email or drop by the Front Office.