Long-term contracted terms and conditions

Policy guidelines


Charles Darwin University’s Office of Accommodation Services operates the on-campus accommodation at International House Darwin (IHD). Long-term accommodation is available for students willing to commit to reside at IHD for periods of time that align with the academic semesters as detailed below:

Semester 1 2024: 19 February 2024 to 17 June 2024

Semester 2 2024: 8 July 2024 to 4 November 2024

Semester 3 2024: 11 November 2024 to 17 February 2025

Long-term accommodation contract dates are fixed and include Orientation Week. Accommodation outside these dates may be available upon request. New residents to IHD will be offered one semester initially.


Applications are subject to availability and approval at the discretion of IHD Management.

Applications will be processed, provided all relevant information has been supplied and the application fee has been paid (Please note that the fee does not apply to returning residents).

A signed Parent/Guardian Consent form is also required for domestic applications from persons under the age of 18.

Applicants must disclose if they have ever been evicted or denied residence from any accommodation facility. Failure to disclose a prior eviction may result in cancellation of this accommodation contract.


Acceptance of a place at International House Darwin includes a commitment to pay rent for the entire contract period, as stated in your offer letter. Any amendment to the dates of your stay must be agreed in writing with IHD (via email).

All approved applicants must always maintain their rent payments two (2) weeks in advance.

In accepting a place in residence, authority is granted to IHD to access CDU data (enrolment and result details) for administrative and educational purposes.
Applicants are required to meet and continue to comply with the following criteria:

1. Enrolled and studying with a minimum enrolment of two units per semester and maintaining good academic standing and course progression at CDU or a partner institution (Flinders)
2. Willingness to participate and be involved in the residential community at IHD.
3. Comply with the relevant governing documents of the University: and
4. Ability to pay a four (4) week bond and two (2) weeks rent in advance prior to arrival.
5. Register for fortnightly direct debits in the method of bank account or credit card.

Accommodation may be reviewed and refused at any time before or during the contract period based on previous and/or current conduct if the resident:

1. Does not enrol or cease to be enrolled in a CDU or partner institution course.
2. Does not make satisfactory academic progress while residing on campus.
3. Has a detrimental effect on the community environment.
4. Poses a safety risk to themselves or other residents.
5. Does not participate in IHD community activities.
6. Does not meet the financial obligations

Requests for specific rooms, cannot be guaranteed. Requests to move rooms after checking into a room will only be granted in extenuating circumstances and, if approved by IHD Management, will incur a $120 cleaning and administration fee.

IHD will upload images of residents on social media and web pages. If you would not like your picture published, please inform IHD Management.


The four (4) week refundable bond will be held for the duration of the residency contract.

Upon departure, residents will need to complete a refund form. The bond will be processed the following Thursday upon departure. Any outstanding amounts will be deducted from the bond upon departure. These may include cleaning charges or outstanding rent.


There are two options for making rental payments.
Payment can be made in full before the contract commencement.

A 5% discount is applicable for payments made in full before the following strict payment dates:

• 5 February 2024 for Semester 1, 2024
• 24 June 2024 for semester 2, 2024; and
• 28 October 2024 for Semester 3, 2024

If residents are not paying in full, they must set up a direct debit arrangement to ensure timely rent payments. Residents with trouble making rental payments should contact IHD management as soon as possible.

Fortnightly direct debit payments can be deducted from a credit/debit card or an Australian Bank account. International bank accounts may only be used for advance payments in full.

Payment authorisation form (PAF) must be completed with the residents’ details.


Residents commit to a residential contract with fixed minimum dates by signing this document electronically.

Cancellations two (2) weeks or less prior to arrival:

The resident will incur one (1) week’s rental in cancellation fees. Cancellations made more than two (2) weeks prior, will incur no penalty.

Cancellations during the fixed contract period:

Cancellations made during a contracted period will incur a loss of two weeks’ bond. In addition, the resident must give two (2) week’s written notice of their intention to break their contract and will be liable for those additional? two (2) weeks of rent.

Amendments to dates of stay outside the fixed contract period:

Written notice must be given for any change made to your contract dates. Amendments is subject to availability.

Terminated contracts:

Residents whose contract is terminated for breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement will also be subject to the above cancellation conditions at the discretion of IHD management.

Other Cancellations:

Cancellations in the following situations will incur NO charge:

  • The applicant is not offered a place at Charles Darwin University.
  • The applicant does not receive a student visa, or their visa is cancelled.
  • The resident cannot continue their studies due to compassionate and compelling circumstances.
  • The applicant cannot be offered accommodation by IHD, their application fee will be refunded.

Other circumstances may be considered at the discretion of IHD management.

Booking extensions:

Extensions cannot be guaranteed. If you wish to extend your booking, please email accommodation@cdu.edu.au as early as possible.

Bookings for 2025 will open in November 2024. Bookings for 2024 do not extend into 2025. A new application will be required for stays in 2025 calendar year.


The University will place an encumbrance on a resident’s CDU student account if there are any outstanding charges. This would mean that the resident would not be able to access the library, computer, or enrolment services, request academic transcripts or graduate from CDU.