Guest apartment policy guidelines

Policy guidelines

  1.  IHD manages 20 self-contained studio guest apartments in Building 18 to help meet the accommodation needs of CDU staff who are either visiting Darwin on university business or relocating through the department of People & Culture. Please note that university business does not include social or Christmas celebrations. Approved stays by staff are at no expense to Faculty, department or the member of staff.
  2. Visiting staff of Royal Darwin Hospital and other partner organisations, and parents visiting residents of IHD are also welcome to book a guest apartment at rates set by IHD.
  3. The apartments are for short-term stays, defined as 28 nights or less. This is particularly necessary as demand can be high, especially at certain times of the year.
  4. Requests for extension of stay are subject to bookings. Extensions of stay are limited.  A guest’s continuous stay should not exceed three months.
  5. All efforts are made to accommodate CDU staff but please note that external bookings that raise revenue for the University are a priority.
  6. Faculties and departments within CDU should note that accommodation for consultants, as well as conference speakers or attendees not employed by CDU, needs to be paid for by the associated Faculty or department, with stays strictly short term. For consultants, any accommodation requirement longer than 28 days needs to be agreed to in advance and approved by the DVC, Student Success and Education Excellence (SSEE).
  7. Course teachers, tutors, demonstrators, researchers or doctoral and masters-by-research students seeking guest accommodation must have an employment contract with CDU to be considered as staff covered by the University’s access to IHD’s guest apartments.
  8. Students requiring accommodation should apply for IHD’s student accommodation. This can be done on-line via IHD’s website. Students usually cover their own accommodation costs unless their Faculty or department provides payment from its own funds.
  9. Couples are accommodated in all apartments. There is limited scope for family suites, with two apartments having an interconnecting door to an adjoining apartment.
  10. Given IHD is a study and adult environment, the accommodation of children in the guest apartments is at the discretion of management. Applications for persons under 18 years of age will not be accepted unless for residence together with a parent or guardian.
  11. Sharing or twinning of unrelated guests per apartment is not possible.