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Pyramid of Support

You in Community: Find friends and support.

For most people, arriving at IHD means moving countries and cultures. We come not knowing anyone but we also come aiming to make friends. Shared living at IHD presents the best chance to not just become acquainted with new people but to start friendships that will extend well past our days at university.

Life at IHD is about getting involved with others. We may live independent lives but fellow residents are there for you when you want and need them. Looking after one another is a tenet of living in a community. How we treat and consider others is fundamental to ensuring IHD is more than just a place to stay.

IHD has a range of people who are there for you. Peers are complemented by resident leaders and all staff, from those at reception to the Resident Engagement Officer and Coordinator Resident Services. Issues may arise where help is needed from those on the main campus, or beyond, and IHD staff will guide and stand with you on those occasions.

IHD Residents at Kakadu