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Where are they now? IHD catch-up

Remember Srijana? She featured in IHD’s first on-screen testimonial about living at IHD back in late 2016. Since then, she’s wrapped-up her two years at IHD by being a remarkable Resident Leader and completing a Master of Civil and Structural Engineering at CDU.

Srijana travelled all the way from Nepal – approximately 6.7 thousand kilometres from Darwin – to take-up the challenge many international students tackle each year and found IHD to be her new home.

“Life is much easier living in a student community during your student life,” Srijana said. “You don’t have to worry about a hundred bills; it’s easier to go to university for classes or the library at any time.”

Knowing Srijana meant you always had a reliable, friendly neighbour to go to. Her interest in getting to know people and be involved with activities outside of her normal schedule first flourished at IHD.

“Being at IHD has encouraged me to be involved in more extracurricular activities,” she said. “Meeting new people, making good friends and doing activities together were my favourite things there. I made good friends from various multicultural backgrounds, and I will have someone to visit in most countries whenever I decide to travel.”

Since graduating, Srijana has transitioned into post-study life here in Darwin.

“When I graduated I found a place to live and went on interviews for jobs,” Srijana explained. “I am a Structural Engineer at Jacobs, an engineering consultancy.”

Graduating, gaining employment and obtaining permanent residency have all been high accomplishments for the now twenty-four-year-old. Today, Srijana’s focus is on doing her job well and planning a four-week holiday at the end of this year – why not?!

For new residents looking to start their student life at IHD, Srijana has one piece of advice: “living at IHD for as long as you can, is the best thing.”