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Where are they now? IHD catch-up

Sonia stepped out of tradition to forge her own path here in Darwin, becoming an IHD community member, Resident Leader, CDU graduate and now Territory local.

Originally from China, the now twenty-five-year-old spent two years at IHD while completing a Master of Professional Accounting. Sonia grabbed all the opportunities living on-campus had to offer and ran with them, ensuring her academic and personal attributes were used to their full potential.

“I was a Resident Leader,” Sonia said. “I gained communication skills from handling issues with residents and answering out-of-hours phone calls.”

“I’ve become more independent, and I can support myself without relying on my family, and learnt that mutual respect is very important.”

For Sonia, education and professional success were just as important as building relationships and breaking social barriers.

“IHD has a good social atmosphere,” she said. “I liked the outdoor trips organised, such as camping trips and swimming at Litchfield.”

“My favourite memory is the Welcome Party ice-breaker game. It’s a very good way to initiate conversation and start talking to people.”

In such little time, Sonia has achieved a lot here in the Territory. Her enthusiasm is as strong as ever as she continues to strive towards her goals – both professional and leisure-related. Nowadays she can often be found hiking, trailing and participating in local yoga events, such as the United Nations’ International Day of Yoga.

“I did an internship in audit while I was studying and I really enjoyed it,” Sonia said.

“After I graduated, I got a job at BDO(NT) in my relevant field. I can see myself becoming a senior-level auditor/financial consultant in the next five years. I’d also like to travel across Australia and travel through New Zealand.”

Sonia loves the outdoors, especially trekking & rock-climbing

Sonia & current RL Stephanie at the 2017 IHD Ball

Sonia & Srijana presenting the Honourable Lauren Moss MLA at IHD’S International Women’s Day, which Sonia & Srijana coordinated Sonia enjoying the sun at Litchfield A lady of many talents, Sonia often performed at IHD’s Got Talent