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O-Week @ IHD

Thank you to those who participated in IHD’s O-Week!

Orientation Week
An eventful two weeks to say the least! We had many events throughout the two weeks and it was great to see the high attendance by our residents. We thank you for your participation and look forward to the upcoming events this semester. 

Our most popular events turned out to be the Darwin and Palmerston Cruise, Casuarina Beach Fish and Chips Picnic and the Board Games night. The positive attitudes throughout the week were appreciated. It’s always easier doing things with happy residents. We hope it has helped you settle into Darwin, build a large network of friends and made IHD feel like your new home.

Welcome Day
Welcome Day was a success with new and returning residents coming together for the first time to learn a little about IHD. We were able to kick off the morning with some friendship bingo which saw Xia Jing Zhang win a movie ticket for completing the task first. We then made our way through the important information all IHD residents need to know. We finished the session off with some pizza and the RLs then invited everyone to join in on some interesting games of tug-of-war.

The formalities ended with a raffle competition. Congratulations to the below residents on their lucky draw prizes.

On to Stokes Hill Wharf the residents went to have some dinner and close out their day. They were greeted with some beautiful coastal weather and a picturesque sunset.

Big Day Out
The Big Day Out was one to remember. We had 37 residents attend the jumping crocodiles. For most of the residents, it was their first time to see a crocodile. We also made an impromptu stop at the Window of the Wetlands centre where everyone was able to get some breathtaking views of the surrounding wetlands. What an amazing sight! We then kicked off back to Maccas for some lunch and headed home.

We had another group of residents attend the NT Museum and Art Gallery finishing off with a Ski Club Lunch. They were able to witness “Sweetheart” the NTs most popular crocodile. Some were blown away by its size. They also witnessed the sheer devastation Cyclone Tracy caused in 1974 and realised for the first time how serious they need to take cyclone warnings.

Welcome Day winners

The most memorable experience for me was the potluck dinner that IHD organised. I met my first few friends in Darwin in that event. I also got to eat cuisines from different countries.
- Roni