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'Laxin at Litchfield

Talk about timing! Residents basked in the sun and cooled off in the falls at Litchfield National Park over the weekend, right before the wet season weather snuck back in. 

“My favourite was probably Florence Falls. It was stunning and refreshing and plenty of other people were already there. Was definitely flowing very strong with all the rain. Lots of us went under the actual falls which was really nice. Lunch was super yummy. I remember Jonah saying that it was the best lunch he had had all week! Buley rocks was also really nice. Sitting on the rocks where the rapids were gave some of us a great core work-out, and a few laughs when our core gave in haha! I’ve been lucky enough to get to know quite a few of the people that went on the trip so it was just really good to be able to hang out with everyone in a top swimming hole and even get to know some more people at the same time. Overall it was a great, social and fun day. The water was great, the company was great and Reuben, Larissa and Imran were great. We’re very lucky that ihd runs events like this!”
- Meagan
“You can get a lot of amazing pictures of waterfalls and nature but the best part is of course swimming around and have fun in the water with so many great people from IHD.”
- Rasmus
“The best part for me? I think the beautiful nature and spending time with friends. Like the impressive structures from the termites to the beautiful waterfalls. And ofcourse singing songs during the time in the bus and relaxing in the water. So to be honest I don’t have a favorite part. I just enjoyed the whole day.”
- Jennifer
the best part about the trip was...
“Spending time with great company and exploring the clear waters. The swim against the waterfall was also an interesting experience.”
- Muriel
the best part about the trip was...
“For me as an international student I enjoyed the weekend trip to Litchfield. It showed me a side of Australia that I had not seen before, which I found breathtaking. The highlight of the trip was the swimming in the pristine environment, especially under the waterfalls. It’s a trip that I highly recommend to any future international student.” 
- Manuel