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inhouse highlight - Jenny

After working and studying for three years on the Gold Coast, Jenny has relocated to a slower-paced part of Australia to undertake her post-grad study.

Passion and determination are what drove her to call IHD home while studying a Master of Teaching at Charles Darwin University.

“I have always wanted to be a teacher,” Jenny said. “I’ve done a few voluntary teaching experiences, so I wanted to see if I can turn it into a career.”

“I hope to be qualified to become an early childhood teacher and a primary school teacher, although I haven’t decided on which I will teach in the end.”

"Darwin can be hot and humid. Be patient and I think everyone can get used to it."

Jenny admits there are still lessons to be learnt despite having participated previously in an overseas student program to the UK.

“The most challenging aspect of living away is to take care of everything by myself, without family support at hand, while maintaining a functional life within a budget,” she said.

“The challenge for studying is to balance study with other commitments.”

“I like catching up with friends, watching movies, reading novels, going for a swim or to the gym in my spare time.”

Although Jenny is far from her home in China, she’s managed to make the most out of her time abroad, taking advantage of what’s on offer as part of the IHD experience.

“IHD’s frequent activities starting from orientation week is probably the best experience I have in on-campus accommodation,” Jenny said. “Plus, there’s always help and friendly faces around whenever you need it.”

“I’ve met interesting people from different countries through organised activities at IHD. Going for a rock pool swim in Litchfield National Park was a highlight. I love all the activities at IHD – they bring people together.”

She’s even ventured further out into the Darwin community and has “learnt to like vegemite”.

“The weekend markets in Darwin have a lot of Asian fruits and vegetables that are not normally available elsewhere in Australia,” she said. “This gives me a bit of home away from home.”

What excites me about my future: "Successfully graduate from CDU. Parents have planned to come and visit Australia. Find a rewarding full-time job. Becoming a stronger person mentally and physically."

Jenny's dream destination: "I would like to visit Europe. I love sightseeing, the architecture, the history and food there. More importantly, I have many friends in different European countries, including those I have built friendships with at IHD. It would be lovely to visit them."