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2019 IHD Scholarship Recipients

The IHD Scholarship aims to provide financial support to continuing students who have demonstrated academic and community excellence as a resident of IHD. Each year, 10 scholarships are available and worth $1000 towards a resident's next full year of rent at IHD.

As Residents gathered on the lawns to embrace the Territory's Dry Season at IHD's Dragonfly Festival, three of those Residents were announced as this year's recipients of an IHD Scholarship. 

Hooman has continuously demonstrated dedication to the promotion of harmonious communal living and community engagement. His academic success speaks for itself, adding to his accolades, he was recently awarded “best poster” at the HOPV19 Conference in Rome. He has been an active member in the community, and at the 2018 IHD Ball, he received the community spirit award for his contributions towards the IHD Community. You have definitely made IHD and CDU proud.

Muriel is a person who has enthusiastically embraced life at IHD. She’s energetic and friendly, getting involved in a broad range of IHD events and engaging socially with a broad range of residents. She has found the mantra for successfully balancing academic and social pressures. She has been an active member in the community, and at the 2017 IHD Ball, she was awarded the community spirit award for her contributions made towards IHD.

Tak Yi is a resident who has been spreading love and laughter all around the community and, with her humble efforts, created strong bonds within the community. She has demonstrated success in balancing her academic and social commitments.

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