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Life @ IHD

Questions & Answers @ IHD

You’ve probably already wondered what living on campus is all about. Will it be tough? Will you be able to make friends? Is it really that different to home? All colleges have things in common, but what is distinctive about IHD?

Check out our Questions & Answers video to find out about life @ IHD.

Charles Darwin @ IHD

Eat, sleep, study, repeat – sound familiar? It’s vital for students to understand the importance of making the most of their day, and not just for study.

Get some ideas and see what the great man himself, Charles Darwin, gets up to on his “regular day”.

Our Demographic @ IHD

From the moment you arrive at IHD, you are a member of the vibrant and diverse 360-strong community. IHD sits comfortably within multicultural Darwin, and is an affiliate of International Houses Worldwide (IHWW).

Watch the video to see the full demographic of Residents in 2020.