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Our Vision

To transform futures by what is learnt in community.

Our Mission

To provide on-campus residency known for its:

  • inclusive students
  • quality learning and living
  • attractive and relaxing environment
  • health, safety and security


Calls to Action

  • Learn and understand
  • Think community
  • Engage to belong
  • Respect to include
  • Value diversity

Code of Conduct

All residents are bound by IHD's Code of Conduct. 

Strategy Plan

Ten Year Plan for IHD
  • Admission
    As a dual sector university, open to higher education and VET students and staff
  • Expansion
    In step with CDU’s strategic plan “Connect Discover Grow”, accommodating growth among (international) students
  • Experience
    Building a community that nurtures – academically, culturally, socially. Transforming and preparing people for leadership and the professions 
  • Possibilities
    Establishing a networking alumni, regionally and globally
International House Darwin in 2026

What will characterise IHD in ten years’ time?

  • Multicultural – harmonious, respectful, sensitive
  • Scholarship – quality, incentivised, sustained
  • Pastoral – caring, supportive, encouraging, R U OK?
  • Community - proactive, involved, bottom up, connected, inclusive
  • Campus Life – absorbing, vibrant, relaxed
  • Engaged with CDU services
  • Engaged with emerging alumni
  • Engaged with indigenous
  • Engaged with region
  • Attractive and natural tropical settings
  • Aesthetically and practically pleasing facilities/environment
  • Affordable
  • Excellent administration and finances
Grounds and Master Plan