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Where are they now? IHD catch-up

Here’s some déjà vu as we catch up with Félix, who travelled all the way from France and lived at IHD for three months in 2017.

The then twenty-four-year-old was in Darwin to carry out a full-time internship in materials, specialising in corrosion on vertical electricity poles. If you were fortunate enough to meet Félix at IHD, you'd know he is equally passionate in taking up opportunities to experience the Territory and build friendships with his neighbours, as he is about his work.

“My experience at IHD was amazing,” Félix said. “I learnt a lot about myself. My ability to socialise, to approach people and, after that, to gather people.”

“I have also learnt that French people can drink more than others!”

Although Félix’s time here was shorter than the usual, he’s happy he spent his time well.

“Maybe I could have done more, but I think I made the most of my time there,” he said. “I liked that there were lots of countries represented, different cultures and a heart-warming welcome.”

“There’s a vast amount of activities aimed at residents; musicians (piano, guitar), singers, karaoke, games, poetry, fishing, athletics, cooking, parties, travelling, studies – there’s a lot of knowledge you can garner. It opened my mind, more than before.”

Since leaving IHD, Félix completed his scholarship in France and is nearing his final internship to obtain a Mechanical Engineer Masters. This internship will take him to Réunion, a small French island in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar – approximately 5000 kilometres from Australia’s shoreline.

“The company operates a power plant which produces electricity from bagasse – dried sugarcane,” Félix explained. “I will manage how to change/fix machines without waste. They are currently still using coal 50% of the time, but they’re aiming to be 100% green in the next few years – that’s part of what attracted me.”

Past his time on Réunion, Félix is neither sure nor stressed about where his future will lead. But he has some solid words for those considering and already living at IHD.

“I know in which direction I’m going to go,” he said, “acting for the environment. I don’t know in which way – life is made up of opportunities and meetings.”

“While you’re at IHD, take advantage of the diversity! Learn as much as possible from others and keep contact. Don’t be shy, move towards people, even outside of campus. Frenchies don’t bite!”