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Tiwi Trek

On Sunday, 19 March six IHD Residents flew to Tiwi Islands for the annual Footy Grand Final and Art Show.

A quick 25-minute flight meant more time to explore the culture and surroundings of Bathurst Island. There was plenty of sun (although a quick shower offered relief from the humidity) and energy everywhere you went. From the art show to the footy grounds, Residents were able to break into groups and immerse themselves in everything on offer.

"The highlight for us was watching the incredible speed & skills shown in a really close footy final. I got a real kick out of sitting next to the pilot on the way home too, I have to say! Denise bought a lovely painting for her mum. The only thing I knew about the Tiwi Islands was that they loved their footy and many top AFL players have come from there. So the whole trip was a really enjoyable eye-opener.”
- Geoff & Denise