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Sushi Supreme

We had our sushi night on 1st April, which was brought to our residents by the International Events Committee, with a lot of help from our committee members Aiko Shi and Stella Xie on the prep stage.

Preparing the sushi

More than 40 residents joined the event that night to experience DIY sushi, also participating in the wasabi challenge and Japanese Cultural True or False Quiz.

At the start of the event, Victor showed residents how to roll sushi and get residents involved in making their own. After everyone enjoyed the food and their experience, we played two games; Wasabi Challenge & Japanese Cultural Quiz.

During the Wasabi Challenge, each participant drew a sushi from a sushi plate, three out of the fifty sushi pieces was made with wasabi rather than avocado. The three lucky players then raced to finish eating a whole wasabi roll. Shaun Paul was the winner and the runner-up of this game was Doris Zhao.

Residents who played the Japanese Cultural Quiz were asked to answer a series of Japanese Cultural Related Questions by deciding if the statement given was true or false. After 10 questions, Sarah Luk became the last person standing.

The winner of each game was awarded a movie ticket.

The Committee received great feedback from everyone and are busy preparing the next event.

Everyone enjoying the food