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RL Rundown - Rahul

Mastering the roles of IHD community member and Resident Leader, Rahul is also studying a Master of Information Technology (Software Engineering) at CDU.

Originally from Hyderabad in southern India, Rahul’s move to Darwin to pursue his passion in computers seemed the logical move. A move which continues to fuel his ambitions to build a successful career.

“It has always been my passion to study computers,” he said. “A degree from CDU is globally recognised by many organisations and institutions, and it’s named as one of the top universities in the world under 50-years-old.”

“By completing my Masters, I feel that I will not only further enhance my career, but I will also pay tribute to all my family members who have supported me through thick and thin.”

The Territory’s tropical climate was an additional calling-card for the easy-going 24-year-old.

“Darwin has a tropical climate, like my home conditions, which meant I could easily adjust,” he said.

Rahul’s adaptation to the weather is apparent in his participation when it comes to outdoor activities, including a favourite pastime of his; cricket. However, in his first week, challenges arose and adjusting to his new life took a bit longer than expected.

“I was homesick,” Rahul said. “I have never been far from my parents. My first week in Darwin was horrible for me – I thought of going back home.”

“Finding motivation was hard. I used to skip most of my classes in my undergraduate. After coming here, I must attend all the classes, submit everything on time. That was a big challenge for me.”

As the weeks passed and Rahul interacted with the previous RL team, he realised he had found his motivation.

“When I first came to IHD, I saw the RLs working here,” he said. “I liked the responsibilities they have, and I was motivated by their work. I thought getting into that position would be great and help to develop myself professionally.”

“The other thing which motivated me is cultural diversity in IHD. I love the people here.”

Now in his final year at IHD, Rahul is thankful he chose to live on-campus and be a member of the community.

“One of the major experiences in IHD is cultural diversity,” Rahul said. “I’m from an exceptionally multicultural city, but this experience has raised my social and cultural mindfulness, which gives me the capacity to see matters from another perspective. I have many good experiences from IHD. I feel lucky to stay here.”

With luck on his side, Rahul wants to push his boundaries further by jumping out of a perfectly good plane someday.

“The number one priority on my bucket list is skydiving,” he said. “I think the best place to go skydiving is in Dubai. I want to see the man-made islands from above.”


What’s something people may not know about you?

I’m the only son

I don’t eat vegetarian food

I love irritating my friends

I don’t like my curly hair

If you could trade lives with one person for an entire day who would it be and why?

It would be the Vice-Chancellor of Charles Darwin University. “I will take out thesis from my course work” – that is the first thing I would do