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RL Rundown - Qi

Originally from Beijing, Qi became a member of the IHD community in 2017. After 12 months, Qi stepped-up and became a Resident Leader for 2018.

Motivated to help those around her, Qi is studying her second degree and pursuing her passion in the field of Social Work.

“As a social worker, my work could help someone in need change his/her developmental trajectory,” Qi said. “By completing my Bachelor of Social Work, I could have a deep understanding of different social issues and be equipped with the skills to help people.”

However, Qi faced her own hurdles transitioning to life in the Territory. 

“Living from home changed everything,” she said. “I was terrified in the beginning, because Darwin is totally different compared to home. It’s my first time living without family around.”

The experience of homesickness and cultural shock led Qi to apply as an RL.

“The main reason why I want to be a Resident leader is because most residents are likely to experience cultural shock when they start to live in a culture that is different from their own,” Qi said. “I am passionate about helping new residents to understand Australian culture by sharing with them my experience in Darwin.” 

Now halfway through her degree, Qi really has made IHD her home. 

“IHD welcomes people from different cultures,” she said. “The activities and events lets students have a memorable experience in their studying period.”

What are your hobbies?

My hobby is watching documentaries and reading books. It enhances my knowledge and helps me to relax.

If you could claim credit for any great piece of art/song/book/movie, what would it be and why?

The movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”, because it’s really inspiring. When I’m down, I usually watch this movie because it helps me to regain my strength to face problems head-on.