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RL Rundown - Nabiha

Nabiha’s love for all things engineering led her to study and dream of building a career in a male-dominated industry by studying a Master of Civil Engineering.

She’s made her way to IHD from the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, which has a population of over 10 million – over 70 times Darwin’s population.

“I’m from a small Asian country known as Bangladesh,” Nabiha said. “Maybe the country is small, but it’s the most beautiful and fast-growing one. I lived in the capital of my country which is a very busy and fast-paced city.”

“I came here for a new experience with a new environment. I was thinking to enjoy an unfamiliar life obviously with an advanced study experience. Studying at CDU gives me opportunities, so today I am here.”

Not willing to back down from a challenge, Nabiha is determined to pursue her dream in civil engineering.

“A civil engineer’s life always attracted me,” she said. “Planning, construction, designing is like a dream to me. I always saw a lot of male civil engineers, but not many females in the industry. It was always like a challenge for me to be a civil engineer. I want to be a good designer in my field, build something no one has ever imagined.”

An additional challenge has been the distance. Nabiha’s found it’s the little things that make being away from family most difficult.

“Most challenging is living without family,” Nabiha said. “Everything is related to it. Study pressure, maintaining relationships with people, cooking, friendship, gossiping – everything is dull sometimes. While studying, every time I feel like I wish my mom was here and can make a cup of tea and snacks for me. I miss my family so much.”

By occupying her spare time with relaxing and fun activities, Nabiha’s not dwelling on her homesickness.

“I like to go outside with my friends,” she said. “Sometimes we play different games, watch movies, cook together, gossip with each other. All these are fun for me.”

Nabiha’s openness to new friends and cultures is what makes her a great Resident Leader and community member.

“I believed the RL post is a position of responsibility,” Nabiha said. “I wanted to test myself, whether I can bear this responsibility or not. I love to mix with people. As an RL, I have the opportunity to become good friends with many people.”

“My experience in IHD is just awesome. I never thought that someday I would share my food with 4 to 5 different cultured people at the same time – this is just one example. Every day I face and learn something new here. Now, it’s like everyone is my family member. I love this place. I think everyone who comes to study abroad should live here at least for some time. IHD is the best place in Darwin.”

When you’re an RL at IHD, it’s not just about having a job. It’s about professional and personal growth, as well as the lasting impression you have on your friends and IHD community members.

“I don’t like to follow anyone,” Nabiha said. “I like unique things. I like what I do. As long as I’m not doing something wrong, I want to listen to my heart and follow my words. I believe I’ve never done anything bad with anyone and I am a good person. So, I am my role model.”

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

I want to bring all the happiness of the world to my parents. The way they bring happiness to my life, maybe I can never be able to do that, but I want to try.

What’s something people may not know about you?

I am very adventurous. I love a challenge. I want to try everything that no one has done before.