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RL Rundown - Jonathan

He’s lived and studied in three culturally-diverse countries. Now, Jonathan’s using his cultural powers to enhance his impact as a Resident Leader (RL).

Originally from Hong Kong, Jonathan moved halfway around the world to complete high school in the United Kingdom.

“After high school, I wanted to study Physiotherapy at Birmingham University,” Jonathan said.

“However, I missed my A-level offer. Then I found that I can study Master of Physiotherapy at Flinders University, which is connected to CDU. [Finding CDU] started my journey here in Darwin.”

Jonathan may not have stepped so easily into higher education, but he has stayed true to his initial career ambitions, taking on a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science.

“My ultimate goal is to become a physiotherapist,” he said. “Although I did not meet the requirements to study a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, I can use this Bachelor degree as a stepping-stone to pursue my career in physiotherapy. Studying this degree allows me to build a solid foundation for physiotherapy.”

“My motivation is that I am a sports lover, I just enjoy learning and knowing more about sports and human movements.”

Since moving to Darwin, though, Jonathan has had to adjust to the local pace and attitude. He’s also learnt new ways of keeping himself motivated in a relaxed environment.

“A challenging aspect here is probably self-discipline,” Jonathan said. “Life is busy in Hong Kong; everything has a schedule and is packed full. Before you finish the work you are doing, you already need to be thinking about the next thing you need to do."

“However, Darwin is a very chill and relax place. It’s good to get away from business and have a break. But suddenly losing all those tensions, I feel like I am losing motivation as well. So, I’m setting goals for myself to achieve to keep myself motivated. I know it sounds weird to most people.”

For a lover of all things physical, it makes sense for Jonathan to look to NBA star Derrick Rose for inspiration during the lows of motivation.

“In 2011, Rose became the youngest player to win the MVP award,” Jonathan explained. “However, he injured his knee in 2012, and since then he never plays as good as before. I used to like him just because he was good, but now I like how he believes in himself and never gives up. After his injury in 2012, he had surgery and tried to get back to the league, but he was injured again and missed the rest of the season in 2013.”

“This repeated for a few seasons, but he never gives up. It’s hard to stand up after falling from the top of the world, but this is what he’s doing now. He always motivates me when I’m down.”

Being an RL at IHD isn’t the first time Jonathan’s experienced such a role, and it’s made his interpersonal skills a valuable asset to the team.

“When I was in the UK, I was the house captain of the boarding house which had students from many different countries,” he said. “The experience there was enjoyable, and I learnt more about other’s cultures. Therefore, I wanted to be a Resident Leader, so that I can learn and experience more cultures, and share my experience and help new students who might be nervous and shy when first studying overseas.”

His interaction may be sharp, however, when it comes to a call mid-sleep, Jonathan’s brain still gets a little fuzzy.

“There have been a few times where I’ve gotten calls at midnight, and I forgot where the resident was straight after I hung up as my brain was just not functioning,” Jonathan said. “And I had to ride around the whole of IHD at three/four o’clock in the morning to find the resident!”

If you could be the lead singer in a band, which band would it be and why? 

I was actually the lead singer in my band back in high school. I miss those days when we would practice during break time and after school in the classroom. We brought our own guitars and built our own drums, and turning the classroom into a band room was fun. 

If I could join a band, it would be Supper Moment. Because they are my favourite band. It would be fun to jam and make songs with them.

What do you do for fun?

Playing sports is my hobby, any sports but particularly Frisbee and basketball. I will also play guitar and sing in my free time.

What’s something people may not know about you? 

I am an Australian before I came to Darwin. But I was not born in and never been to Australia before I came here. If you want to why, feel free to ask me when you see me :P