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RL Rundown - Jack

Making the journey from his home province of Shaan Xi in China, Jack was drawn to Darwin for its climate and proximity to Asia. Well, that and the excitement of possibly experiencing a cyclone to “feel the power of nature”.

Jack’s professional drive and cultural attraction to the Territory has landed him at Charles Darwin University, where he is currently studying a Master of Professional Accounting (Professional Practice).

“Accounting is the language of business,” Jack said. “Studying accounting can help me to understand what business is about. Besides, I’m kind of into numbers and want to be a financial consultant one day to help develop an organisation by financial means.”

Unlike some residents, Jack hasn’t struggled with homesickness; he knows to keep himself busy and is a self-professed effective multi-tasker. He’s also a whiz in the kitchen, despite the gourmet differences between China and Australia.

“China is known for its cuisine, and we Chinese are food-lovers,” he said. “Living away from home makes me miss the food so much. Although I can cook, some ingredients are very hard to find here. I just have to make do.”

“I am a multi-tasker, so balancing study with other commitments is no problem for me. The most important aspect of this is that I enjoy studying.”

Jack can now add ‘Resident Leader’ to his list of multi-tasking, as he transitioned into the position at the start of 2019.

“Being a Resident Leader is both an honour and an obligation,” Jack said. “It has offered me many opportunities to learn useful skills, and meet new people and thereby make new friends. Also, IHD generously provides RLs with various valuable training. By being an RL, I can not only learn Aussie workplace culture but also expand my social circle.”

While being an RL is rewarding, like any job, it also has it’s ‘what-the’ moments.

“When I was doing a day shift, and on my way to the office, before opening the office door I lifted my head and saw a tall man with a white beard staring at me from inside the office,” he said. “At first I was scared and backed-off a few steps. I finally realised it was our life-size cut-out of Charles Darwin.”

Despite crazy cut-outs and having to hunt down ingredients, Jack’s embracing life and the friends he has – and is yet to make – here in Darwin.

“IHD life is wonderful,” Jack said. “Here you can talk and make friends with people from dozens of countries, learning different things and expanding your horizon daily. Residents here are like one big family – helping each other, playing and studying together, and sharing each other’s dreams.”

“Living in Darwin is very convenient, saving us much commute time. Darwin is also very peaceful and culturally diversified, which makes our life very colourful.”

What was your favourite childhood memory?

“When I was about 6-years-old, my parents took me to another province on vacation. I met a very kind & knowledgeable senior who told me his unique & fantastic experiences such as encountering aliens, meeting a flying person & controlling his dreams. Maybe he imagined those experiences, but listening to those stories made me so happy & helped expand my imagination.”

If I could live anywhere in the world ti would be...

“I would love to live with a primitive tribe in the Amazon because I would love to learn how those who have not been affected by modern civilisation think about the outside world with their intuitive way.”