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RL Rundown - Hasnaeen

Resident Leader Hasnaeen (better known by residents as Pantho), has furthered his education through his selfless drive to provide future assistance to nations struck by natural disasters.

Country-proud Pantho had completed a Bachelor of Civil Engineering prior to his arrival in Darwin. Here, he’s tackling a Master of Engineering (Civil and Structural) and set to graduate at the end of 2019.

“I’m from Bangladesh,” Pantho said. “A country where people are well known for their hospitality and warm receptions. It’s a country where people sacrificed their lives to have the freedom to speak in their mother tongue. It’s a country where 3 million people sacrificed their lives for their liberation.”

“I completed my degree and worked around 3 years in the field of climate change and water resources in Bangladesh as a researcher.”

But it’s not just education that drew the twenty-six-year-old to the Territory.

“Darwin is a multicultural city, a place of natural beauty and full of wildlife,” he said. “It’s a place where people from all over the world are living together. Apart from a Masters, to explore these experiences I had no choice but to end up in Darwin.”

Pantho’s embraced this change in his life by diving in head-first. He participated in IHD and CDU’s Orientation events and later showed a keen interest in becoming an RL.

“When I lived away from my home, I had decided to make this new place my home,” Pantho said. “On campus, there are multicultural people with different thoughts. I always search for the similarities among new residents, and this helped me to make good friends.”

“I attended all Orientation activities provided by IHD to get the opportunity to introduce myself and understand the cultural dynamics here. Those events were a booster for me to adjust myself to a new environment.”

An avid sportsman, Pantho’s been an active member of the IHD Community and has a simple piece of advice for those making the move in 2019.

“I have been living in a community where I’ve met people from over 30 countries,” he said. “I’ve also met hungry crocodiles and scared wallabies in Darwin. Also, I’ve eaten seafood and kangaroo for the first time since being here.”

“I would definitively recommend for students who are new to Darwin to choose IHD as their home. The experiences collected from here will be one of the most memorable and effective learning parts of your life.”


What’s on the top of your bucket list and why?

Take a break from regular life for a year and spend the time travelling all over the world, in deferent countries, meet new people, understand their livelihood. I know this is expensive in terms of money and time, but I do not want to spend my entire life without seeing the beautiful world that I have been gifted to stay.