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RL Rundown - Aman

 Set to graduate in the coming November, Resident Leader Aman has come to call Darwin home, despite admitting his application to Charles Darwin University was a last-minute decision.

Having grown-up with fellow RL’s Rakesh and Rahul, it made sense for the three friends to venture overseas together from their home in India – a decision that’s worked in their favour and resulted in Aman undertaking a Master of IT.

“This was a very impulsive decision,” Aman said. “I was ready with my application to Cleveland State University and was sure to go there to complete my masters, but Rahul had other plans. Rakesh and I followed him and applied to CDU. I think this is the best decision I have made so far in my life.”

“My undergraduate degree gave me theoretical knowledge which is not enough in the present world. I needed to learn the practical implementation of all the knowledge I had, and Australia was the place where students have projects in every unit which enables them to be more agile and dynamic in learning approaches.”

Often, we hear of the cultural struggles new residents face when they venture to IHD. Less commonly known are the hurdles in leaving a student community and moving into the next phase of your life post-study.

“IHD has been home for me for two years now and going out of this amazing place will be very tough and challenging,” he said. “I mean, when I leave, I will have to manage all my expenses separately and be on top of them all the time. I hope the transition is smooth and not worth a lot.”

Although quite intimidating, Aman’s ready to tackle whatever’s thrown at him in the future, without forgetting to live in the moment.

“Having a good set of friends whom I can rely upon in future and be there for friends and family to support them in every way possible excites me,” Aman said. “Also, the idea of starting a career in Australia excites me as the work culture is amazing and you learn a lot as you go.”

“I’m not the kind of person who thinks about the future a lot as I believe to live in the present and do the things correctly which automatically makes the future exciting.”

One thing he knows for sure about 2019 is he’ll be right here in Darwin, in spite of his dislike of the six sticky months of humidity.

“Around this time [next year] I will be sulking again stating it’s the build-up period in Darwin and whine about how hot it is outside,” he said. “I will be in Darwin. It’s the place I always wanted to be in; laidback and relaxed. No traffic and the sky is clear at night to see stars.”

Aman has had a significant impact on the IHD community, just as the community has left a lasting impression on him.

“One good man said to me, ‘you came in as a boy, and now you are a man’,” Aman said. “I loved it. He said you have become more responsible and trustworthy.”

"I’ve met new people, made everlasting memories and amazing friends to name a few Muriel, Annie, Caroline, Tess, Jonathan and a whole lot more.”

“My experience at IHD is a bright phase in my 23 years of life. I’ve learned a lot about people, cultures and concluded; respect everyone. The vibrant community of IHD is a mini replica of the world itself, and when you have people from 38 countries to interact with, you are going to get a better understanding of people and their cultures.”

A huge congratulations to Aman who won the 2018 IHD Harry Edmonds Award!

What’s on the top of your bucket list and why?

Maldives, It’s an island with pristine beaches and blue water. The villas surrounded by water and the calmness of the place has hit me hard and made a top place in my bucket list.

I have Prague, Dubai and Singapore as well on my near to visit list.


Tell us something about yourself people may not know:

I know three languages- Hindi, English, and Telugu.
I am a vegetarian.
I am afraid of animals (all of them).
I am afraid of public speaking.