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Providing a Better Future

Recycling cans and bottles can help provide children a better future. Just 10 cents can help sponsor a child.

A long journey “to give life - life in fullness” began with a small beginning. As human beings, it is our social responsibility to lend a helping hand to those who are in need. I am Susan, from India and I would like to start a new charity project at IHD with the help of my friend Aneena and resident leaders from each building.

There is a significant amount of people in India lying in poverty who need a helping hand. There are kids who live in the street who are unprotected and not supervised. I have seen a lot of kids dreaming of a life like we live.

I started this project thinking, what can I do to make their life better? I believe what makes us perfect is when you can make someone smile or when you can do something good for the people around you. What’s most important is when you can understand the pain of others. Seek for people who need our help and make their lives better. 

I’ve realised that when we change someone’s life and encourage them to not give up, this is the day when we live.

My project at IHD starts with collecting the 10 cent bottles from every building. The money from the recycling will be used to sponsor a child in one of the charitable organisations in India.

These organisations empower, rehabilitate and help the kids until they reach the mainstream of life. It provides many young women and girls the chance to complete their education and become self-reliant in life. Also, it’s like a maternal home for many of the women where they have a family that will look after their well-being and safety. The husbands can no longer take their wives to be weak and unwanted - they are forced to acknowledge their dignity and worth. Women are provided free legal aid and emotional strength to re-establish their home.

It costs around $80 a month to sponsor a child in India. If we can make money from these bottles I am sure we can sponsor at least two children a month. 

I would like to get your support by putting your bottles in the specific designed boxes in each building and my friend or I will collect them every Sunday or Monday evening. If you need any clarification, I am more than happy to talk.

In addition, if you have any spare food or canned/tinned best-before dated foods, these too can be donated. We have been feeding homeless people in Darwin. Before you throw it away, please think of this project and be kind to donate it for the homeless.

You can email me or Aneena and we will collect your donations.

- Susan Joseph, IHD Resident