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International Women's Day

On Wednesday, 8 March the world celebrated International Women’s Day in various ways. Two IHD residents hosted a gallery of past and present influential women from around the world. 

Sonia and Srijana received a $1000 grant from the NT Government as sponsorship for the event. The funds were put towards catering, production of the gallery and create the ideal purple ambience.

“Srijana and I wanted to create awareness of the importance of empowering women, encouraging young women to recognise their leadership potential, educate people about gender issues and encourage men to support women in different ways, such as education,” said Sonia. 

“As a woman, I wanted to be inspired as well to not give-up in difficult times,” added Srijana. “Initially this event was brought to us by Penny. But getting an opportunity to inspire people from different backgrounds to stand with women’s rights and empowerment in itself was a great motivator.” 

Determined to provide inspiration and motivation to all residents, they set-out to find the right guest speaker.

The Hon. Lauren Moss MLA humbly accepted their invitation. Ms Moss is the Local Labor Member for Casuarina and is also the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, the Minister for Tourism and Culture and the Minister for Corporate Information Services. She spoke of her ambitions and journey into politics, including her struggles with anxiety and public speaking. Both Sonia and Srijana feel Ms Moss’s speech was one of the key highlights of the evening. 

“Finding that Lauren Moss went through mental health issues and fear of public speaking and she still stands where she is today, as the youngest Member of Parliament, is quite inspiring in itself,” said Srijana. 

Sonia and Srijana also pointed out Penny’s speech and the feeling of accomplishment as highlights of the night. 

“Having other residents come and help with the set-up willingly, and so many people turn up to the event to support the cause, was awesome,” said Srijana.