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inhouse highlight - Sudhamsha

Full of enthusiasm and character, 22-year-old Sudhamsha joined the IHD Community at the beginning of semester 1, 2019 to pursue a postgraduate degree and turn her dreams into a reality.

Despite previously studying an unrelated Bachelors, Sudhamsha’s now pursuing a Master of Information Technology in the hopes of becoming a software professional. She has the support and drive from her family to study abroad.

“I come from an ambitious family,” Sudhamsha said. “My father is deep into business activities. He and my mom have always been my ultimate source of motivation.”

“My hopes and dreams are built on this Masters program like a haystack – bit by bit. I want to go out of my comfort zone to improve. Darwin has made every moment a fresh state of new beautiful things, and I make sure to utilise it fully to achieve my goals.”

“Once, during his early business days, Warren Buffett of the Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings asked his wife, about the lifestyle she always dreamt of. She mockingly giggled and answered, ‘are you going to give me all that I ask for?’ She told him all that she wanted. Warren Buffett remembered what she said, and today Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings include some of the world’s biggest companies.”

“I like to think of myself as someone who shares similar characteristics while forming aims and goals in my life. I study my strengths and employ them for the greater good, and turn my weaknesses into lessons to learn from. The determination and future direction drive me through hard days. I find a purpose for whatever I do and then push through the jungle of unprecedented circumstances with my will.”

Although Sudhamsha has previously lived at various school and university housing, she still found homesickness had its way of creeping in. These prior experiences cemented the idea of friends becoming family early on in her life away from home.

“Most of my education living was at school and college hostels,” she said. “At first I felt driven apart from loved ones. But, as time passed, friends became family, and I knew they had my back. They were my ‘comfort zone’.”

“One of the things you experience living away from home is ‘homesickness’. To overcome that sickness, I focus on my goals. Sometimes it becomes difficult to balance things like study, work and everything else. But managing balance is a sign of adulthood. Life truly is what you make it.”

“After coming to Darwin, the very first day was emotional. But having ‘brothers’ like Rahul, Rakesh, Aman and Ajay made me brave enough and know how to tackle things. Swapna has been the best support in all the aspects of day-to-day life. What more could I ask for when I have such an amazing family in Darwin.”

Optimistic and opportunistic, Sudhamsha is taking-in her new surroundings and eagerly looking toward the future.

“I’m at a point in life where things are starting to happen,” Sudhamsha said. “Every day, even though I’m not enjoying the ‘now’, I get excited tickles for a couple of things that will be happening in my future. Sometimes it’s scary as well as the fear of not achieving my goals. But remaining positive and hopeful are my first steps in accomplishing whatever plan it is I set. It is said ‘the stars may look scattered from where we are, but they are exactly where they’re meant to be’. It’s just like our future – make clear decisions, and it will come.”

“Given my interests, I will probably get a graduate degree and then work in an IT-related industry. When I have sufficient knowledge and experience, I intend on starting my very own consultancy.” 

But right now, Sudhamsha is soaking-up our community atmosphere. She’s getting involved and even made her voice count in IHD’s International Women’s Day: Balance for Better video. 

“The best thing at IHD so far was the UNO event organised by the Red Frogs,” she said. “Many residents took part in this event, and even I played. It had only been a month since coming to IHD and some residents still didn’t know each other. The game started heating up, and more and more residents got involved, and I won the first round. Suddenly residents started cheering for players to win and I was very happy to see people supporting each other. After this game, many residents got to know each other.”

“Staying at IHD is wonderful, the welcome was very nice. There’s no greater convenience than staying here, right beside CDU. It gives you the advantage to learn about cultures, the people in the community and it sets you up for your next steps in life. Having such a huge family at IHD allows you to have more friends from day one. These become the friendships you will cultivate for many years to come.”

Three things you may not know about me are... I am sh*t scared of dogs. I want to do a lot of things at once & often I end up doing nothing; I struggle to focus on just one thing. If you say something negative about me, I'll laugh it off, but it'll stay with me forever.

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