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inhouse highlight - Hooman

Looking to expand his horizons and contribute to the resolution of a global concern, Hooman travelled from Iran to IHD in late 2016 and began his PhD of solar cell design. 

A believer in the importance of education, he wanted to tackle a worldwide topic that often takes centre-stage in political and public debates.

“I’m motivated to study in the field of solar energy,” Hooman said. “I believe that global warming is a serious issue in the third millennium, and studying an important field in one of the highly prestigious countries, such as Australia, was one of my goals.”

Hooman knew studying in a foreign country would not only help him professionally but also push his boundaries and offer new social experiences. His determination to do so has not wavered over the past 1.5 years of personal ups and downs thanks to the support of his family leading up to his arrival in Australia.

“Studying in a foreign country means gaining experience, making friends, becoming familiar with different cultures and finally learning how to have a better life,” he said. “So far, after almost 1.5 years at IHD, I have got a lot of experience; besides, I have made very nice friends from different countries, which I could not achieve without living in a multicultural country such as Australia.”

“Like any other path leading to success, my education route, at the same time, has not been smooth but rather full of all meaningful ups and downs. And I should mention that all along this path, something has always been obvious to me that I owe a lot to my family for what they have done for me in my education and giving me motivation.”

Those lower moments are primarily influenced by homesickness and his unfamiliarity to the field he was now delving in to. Determined to quash those dispiriting factors, Hooman began to push himself socially and intellectually.

“Most of the challenging aspects were in the first six months of my migration to Australia, such as missing my family and friends,” Hooman said. “However, after some months I found great friends at IHD and CDU, and this problem has been mitigated gradually.”

“As my PhD topic was a new field of study for me, I had to study very hard in the first six months to become familiar with the field. However, all these problems have been solved gradually in the first six months, and now I am very pleased and happy with my studying and living here.”

It’s true that the people you meet in life have a lasting effect on you whether it be big or small. For Hooman, his friends have sparked his curiosity in future visits to various countries.

“If you asked, ‘Where would I like to visit’ before I came to IHD, maybe I would say Italy because it is an ancient and beautiful country,” he said. “However, now answering this question is a bit tricky for me, because I prefer to go to the counties such as France, Germany, India, US, UK, Canada, Denmark – where my nice friends, who I met in IHD, are living.”

Who’s your favourite tv/movie character and why?

Jim Carrey, as he is one of the best comedians. I love comedy movies.

What do you do for fun?

My passion is to have a chat with my friends or going out with them

One of my hobbies is watching comedy movies

I love to run along the beach