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inhouse highlight - David

David’s broadening his horizon and jumping hurdles far from his home in China’s Henan Province.

Having completed his Bachelor in Film Making and Photography, David’s now tackling a Master of Professional Accounting with the prospect of helping to run his family’s business. If that wasn’t enough for the twenty-eight-year-old, he’s also experiencing Darwin for the first time.

“The principal reasons for me to choose one place to study are its environment, climate and cultural background,” David said. “I love summer, so the NT is the best choice.”

“I’ve also learnt that CDU ranks 31st among the youngest colleges around the world. It’s famous for its high-quality faculty, diverse courses which are relatively practical and perfect infrastructure, which will help me to achieve my academic goals and to learn a lot about the unique culture here.”

Even with a positive outlook, he faced the familiar first-day-problems.

“It’s really hard for an international student, like me, to begin a new life in a totally strange environment,” he said. “I remember the day I came here. I lost my way, and a girl from CDU helped me by driving me to IHD. On the way, she told me that CDU is a good place where you can make a lot of nice friends and they will help you if you have any problems. I felt much better.”

But hurdles haven’t gotten in David’s way. He has welcomed the challenges and rewards that come with his exchange and has sought personal motivators.

“Former Chairman Mao once said, ‘if you want to know what the apple is, you need to eat it’,” David explained. “Studying abroad is not only learning things in different classrooms, textbooks, and communicating with lecturers and students from different countries. It’s also facing a new environment where I have space to think, to learn, to feel and to experience.”

David’s journey as an IHD community member has also led him to further avenues with the NT Government as a StudyNT Ambassador.

“During orientation week on CDU campus, I participated in a lot of activities and met a lot of student ambassadors,” he said. “By communicating with them, I realise that to be an ambassador is a really good opportunity for me to learn how to integrate myself into this new environment; learning how to work together with others as a team member, how to communicate with people better through English and exercise myself practically.”

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

First, I plan to learn more practical things at CDU. Then, I will go back to China to help my family to run our company. However, nothing stays the same, maybe I will change my plan to do something else, we`ll just have to wait and see.

What are your hobbies? 

Making some short documentary films and pictures are my free-time hobbies because it can help me to relax and forget about the study and pressure that comes with it for a moment.




What’s been the highlight of your time at IHD?

I made a lot of friends here. They are Matthew Hon, Lily Guo, Stephanie Tang, Anindya J Ganguly, Nabiha Nusrat, Tess Riordan, Annie Pendlebury, Rose, Muriel Jan, Catherine Chan, Hasnaeen Zakir Pantho, Letinto, Mimi, Aman, Hao, Janpan master, Becki Arnott, Qi Feng, Frederic Hou, Rahul, Jonathan, Ajay, Zoe, Chris, Frew, Mason, Jojo and GongKai Chen here. They all helped me a lot to adapt to this place. I feel really happy about that.