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inhouse highlight - Augusto

A Timor-Leste Ministry of Finance Scholar, Augusto was thrown into the Territory lifestyle. Since late 2016, he’s been a valuable member of the IHD Community.

Augusto took a gap year after high school to volunteer in Timor-Leste before the Ministry chose Darwin as his location to study a Bachelor of Information Technology (IT).

“Most residents don’t know where Timor-Leste is,” Augusto explained. “Just briefly, Timor-Leste is an island that became a country in 2002, and is located between Indonesia and Australia.”

“I didn’t choose Darwin as my first place, but the sponsor of my Scholarship did. They chose Darwin because it has similar weather to Timor-Leste and CDU provides a good quality of education regarding IT.”

Support from his family and sponsor aligns with Augusto’s ambitions to achieve academic success and better his country.

“Since middle school, I dreamt of having at least a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject that I am interested in,” he said. “I’ve been influenced as well by my family. While I was in primary school, my parents were still studying while teaching at the school, and all my siblings have already completed their degrees.”

“Another motivation is that my country is still a new country, which means that we still need more and more human resources to develop our country. That is why my government provided me with a scholarship. My goals right now are to finish my study with good grades and gain as much experience as I can while I am living in Australia regarding education, work, and social networks by involvement in different activities. I want to make everyone that supports me, like my family and sponsors, proud of me and my achievements.”

Fitting into an independent life in Darwin hasn’t been a struggle for the optimistic twenty-year-old. His attitude has enabled him to embrace every opportunity and the environment surrounding him.

“Darwin is a beautiful place for study,” Augusto said. “There are fewer distractions and crowds compared to other cities in Australia. I thought that I would face culture shock or homesickness when I arrived in Darwin, but not at all. People in Darwin are so nice and they always greet you whenever they meet you, it doesn’t matter who you are, which makes me always feel welcome in Darwin. Darwin’s sunset is one of the beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen.”

Though he’s not sure what the future holds right now, Augusto is determined to complete his studies while staying true to his passions.

“I do believe that in the next five years I would be a person who’s beneficial for those who sponsored me to study in Australia,” Augusto said. “I will be able to contribute to the development of my country and make my family happy, especially my parents.”

“I might continue to pursue my other dreams, like becoming a doctor or writing my own song. But most importantly, I want to be the person that I want to be, not the person that other people want. I want to do something that pleases myself without worrying about whether other people like it or not.”

The selfless and creative side to Augusto’s character has been prevalent throughout his involvement at IHD. More recently, he performed at IHD’s End of Semester BBQ. 

Click here to see Augusto's YouTube channel. 

What have been the highlights of your time in Darwin and at IHD?

Attending the Welcome Party for the international students at Parliament House

Winning IHD’s Got Talent

Being StudyNT Student Ambassador 2017

Volunteering at Darwin Festival 2017

IHD Ball 2017 because it was the first ever ball I attended

Trip to Litchfield 

Celebrating my birthday in a foreign country for the first time

Surviving my first ever semester at University

What’s something people may not know about you?

I love cooking. I always spoil myself with food whenever I have time to cook. I know how to cook Timorese Food (Tukir, midar sin and kalderada), some Indonesian food and some Western food.

I have not studied anything about IT before and I just learnt about IT (especially programming when I entered University) because I was studying Natural Science back in high school. So, IT is something new for me. 

I am afraid of mice/rats, even just to touch it.