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IHD Orientation

Orientation Week

An eventful two weeks to say the least! We’ve had a lot going on over the past fortnight and it was great to see so many of you taking advantage of these events and activities. We thank you for your participation and look forward to the upcoming events this semester. 

Our most popular events turned out to be the Casuarina Beach Picnic, Flip Out and Ice Skating trips. Shout-out to Hooman who marches into Week 1 of lectures with some ice-skating battle wounds – I hear you took it like a champ and, really, just wanted to grab some food afterwards!

We hope IHD’s Orientation has helped you to settle into Darwin, begin building your network of friends and made IHD feel like your new home.

Welcome Day

A huge thank you to all new and returning residents who came along to spend the day with myself, Philip and the RLs.

The morning kicked off with some friendship bingo, which saw the competitive side of Annie Pendlebury surface to win a tub of Mars Celebrations. Congrats Annie!

By the time you’d been given the run-down on expectations and responsibilities, and the RLs had formally introduced themselves and their clubs, in walked Philip with a range of pizzas and drinks for lunch.

During lunch, you were invited to sign-up for IHD’s three clubs; The Arts Club, The Social Club and The Sports Club. If you missed out on signing up, don’t stress – get in touch with one of the RLs to get involved!

Lunch was followed by bouts of tug-of-war on the lawns, a “getting to know you” session and a pop quiz. Congratulations to Ajay Yadlapalli who answered all the questions correctly first!

Welcome Day also saw three IHD Alumni drop by to talk with you all on their days during and after on-campus life. Thank you to former Resident of The Year winners Bingi and Kat, and Harry Edmonds Award winner Reuben Wakefield for participating.

The days formalities ended with a raffle competition. Congratulations to the following residents on their lucky draw prizes: 
1st Draw: Tess Riordan - $100 Gift Card
2nd Draw: Drew Whitehouse - $60 Gift Card
3rd Draw: Laura Preston - $40 Gift Card

Drew may just be the luckiest resident on campus, plucking his own draw card from the pile to win second prize! 

A large group of you enjoyed dining out by the sea at Stokes Hill Wharf later that evening.

IHD's Big Day Out

IHD’s Big Day Out was one to remember. With Jumping Crocodiles, Kingpin and the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT, you were spoiled for choice

Some of you were quite shocked at the size of Adelaide River’s crocodiles and the heights they could jump. I’ll bet you were also glad to be in a boat and not the water!

A number of you opted for creature comforts – rather than creatures – and headed to the Kingpin entertainment precinct for a few rounds of bowling, food and drinks.

We had another group of residents venture to the NT Museum and Art Gallery. They got up close and personal with the mounted body of “Sweetheart” – a 5.1-metre saltwater crocodile responsible for a series of attacks on boats in the Territory between 1974 and 1979. Can you tell we love our crocs up here?!

Thank you again to everyone who participated throughout IHD’s Orientation – we look forward to seeing you all throughout the semester. If you’ve just arrived, be sure to check out what’s coming up this weekend to kick-start your social life at IHD.

- Elsbeth Redenius