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2017 Orientation at IHD

Orientation Week

Whoa! What a great two weeks of Orientation IHD residents have had. We had so many events going on that I’m sure you are well acquainted with CDU and Darwin. You might even consider yourselves “Darwinians” or “Territorians”. If not, I’m sure once this semester is complete you will feel comfortable with the title.

Our most popular events turned out to be the Darwin/ Palmerston Cruise, Welcome BBQ, Casuarina Beach Fish and Chips Picnic, Potluck Dinner, Welcome Day and the Big Day Out events. We thank you all for your participation and positive attitudes throughout the week. We hope it has helped you settle into Darwin, build a large network of lifelong friends and made you feel like IHD is your home.

Welcome Day

Welcome day was a success with the residents first being greeted by the Vice Chancellor who prepared a welcome video addressed to them. The residents then had the official opportunity to meet the IHD Office staff and the rest of the Resident Leader team.

A few games were played throughout the day with Anindya Ganguly and Xia Jing Zhang (Caroline) taking out the friendship bingo and winning movie tickets.

We then saw the first team competition with the Tug of War and the 3-legged-race. It was a mighty competition between the teams and we congratulate everyone on their participation. Below are the team’s placings and scores. 

The formalities ended with a raffle competition. Congratulations to Hiu Man Luk (Sarah) who was the lucky resident to win the Samsung Tablet and Kaiming Qian who won a $50 shopping voucher to be used at any Casuarina outlet.

On to Stokes Hill Wharf the residents went to have some dinner and close out their day. 

Big Day Out

The Big Day Out was one to remember. We had 25 residents attend the jumping crocodiles, 14 residents throw down some balls at King Pin while also playing Laser Tag and arcade games and 7 residents attending the NT Museum and Art Gallery finishing off with a Ski Club Lunch.

Tug of War
Place Team Points
1st Yellow Frillys 4
2nd Green Crocs 3
3rd Blue Curlews 2
4th Red Frogs 1
Three Legged Race
Place Team Points
1st Blue Curlews 4
2nd Green Crocs 3
3rd Yellow Frillys 2
4th Red Frogs 1
Current Standings Overall
Place Team Points
Equal 1st Yellow Frillys 6
Equal 1st Green Crocs 6
Equal 1st Blue Curlews 6
4th Red Frogs 2

- Imran Nadeem, Resident Engagement Officer