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2016 IHD Awards

Every year, staff and residents of IHD come together for the End of Year Dinner. Not only is this a night of food and entertainment, but it’s also a night where we can recognise the ongoing commitment of our residents within the community.  

Three IHD Certificates of Commendation were awarded for 2016. The recipients were determined from voting and feedback submitted by their peers for nominations of the coveted ‘Resident of the Year Award’. 

The IHD Certificate of Commendation for Community Involvement was awarded to Eligio Gusmao Sequeira Belo. ‘Gio’ was described by his peers as friendly and sociable, a fun person who easily engages with everyone. He participates in a number of IHD programs and activities and has friends throughout the various cultural groups who live on-campus. Gio has made a remarkably positive contribution to the IHD community. 

Aeman Gurung was awarded the IHD Certificate of Commendation for Community Spirit. Although quite new to our community, he has embraced all that IHD has to offer, showing a genuine enthusiasm for a wide variety of activities and events. Aeman’s peers described him as fun, enthusiastic and helpful. 

The IHD Certificate of Commendation for Community Support was awarded to Liam Hunter. Liam goes above and beyond to welcome local and international students. His peers described him as a “kind and helpful person who would take the shirt off his own back for you” and makes IHD “feel homely”. 

IHD’s Harry Edmonds Award recognises a Resident Leader within the community who particularly exemplifies the same traits of kindness, compassion, friendliness and warmth shown by Harry Edmonds1. The 2016 Harry Edmonds Award was presented to Reuben Wakefield, whose name is now engraved on a plaque displayed in the IHD Office. Reuben has been described as courteous, helpful, funny, polite, approachable and a strong leader who will go the extra mile to help others. 

Resident of the Year is the highest achievement awarded at IHD. It recognises the efforts of an individual who exemplifies positive engagement in the community. The recipient is someone who is a helpful, active, responsible and caring member of IHD. Nominations for Resident of the Year came from the heart of IHD; the residents. Sai Goutham Bingi’s name is now engraved as 2016 Resident of the Year on a plaque displayed in the IHD Office. Residents described ‘Bingi’ as friendly and responsible, always smiling and helpful, energetic, compassionate, sincere and kind.


1 Harry Edmonds lived in New York City in 1909 and one day passed a Chinese student on the street. He said hello and the student froze. Harry asked what was wrong and the student explained he’d been in New York for three weeks and that was the first time anyone had spoken to him. Astonished and saddened, Harry went on to found International Houses Worldwide (IHWW) – of which IHD is a proud member.